Terms and conditions combo web

General description

A website will be developed, it consists of a landpage based on a template provided by Five Vertex, said website will be delivered installed on a hosting, it is also configured with the domain of the website, and also configured with an email redirection service . This plan is renewed every year.

Technical configuration

The website will be developed through an open source CMS, said website will also have add-ons or premium functionalities (plugins), said add-ons have a GPL license.

Site Design: The website is created from a preset design, the customer will have the option to select a design established by Five Vertex. the design is adapted to the colors of the brand, but it is not a customizable design

The purchase and configuration of the web domain will be made through the Google Domains platform, said value of the domain will be chosen by the user, said domain must be free and may not exceed the value of 12 dollars.

The website will be hosted in a shared Hosting with a capacity of 1 GB of Ram, with a 1 core processor, it will also have a space of 5 GB, in hosting where the website is hosted, it is a private hosting on behalf of Five Vertex,

The website is delivered with the information provided by the client, if the client wishes to modify the website they will have to contact Five Vertex to review their request.

Content: The basic content of the website will be included. Therefore Five Vertex is not obliged to upload products or services or articles to the website. The client must provide the information according to the design chosen

Email: An email manager is not delivered, an email is configured with the domain, to redirect eg: emails sent to contacto@minegocio.com emails arrive at mymail@gmail.com

Technical support

If the client wishes to request technical support, Five Vertex’s means of contact is via email, which is: «soportetecnico@fivevertex.com»

The website is delivered with a finished design, if changes such as redesign or visual adjustments of the website are desired, an extra quote must be made.


Five Vertex will be alert to any unforeseen event, a daily backup of the website will be made, in the event of a failure or error, the backup will be restored before the unforeseen event, if the website has a problem.

Five Vertex is not responsible for the misuse that the user has on the platform, whether the information on the website is manipulated, that is why it always recommends using strong passwords to avoid computer attacks. Nor is it responsible for external failures with the payment platform or other external elements.

Maintenance and updates

Five Vertex is not obliged to carry out maintenance of the website, if the client requires maintenance or updating of the website, it will have an additional cost, said cost will depend on the requirements requested by the client.

Website availability and performance

The website will remain available as long as the client is up to date with the established payments, otherwise the service will be suspended.

Website performance: The website performance can be affected by the number of visits the website receives, if you want to increase the website performance you must make an extra quote, since you must hire a better server benefit, which is not included in the plan.


Five Vertex will upload content free of copyright, therefore if any content is found that infringes copyrights, it will be the responsibility of the client and not Five Vertex.

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